Wildfire Mitigation Education

The Colorado State Forest Service helps individuals, landowners, community groups and others secure grants and assistance for projects that promote healthy forests in Colorado, whenever opportunities arise.  See current information here > 

 A list of Landowner Assistance programs in Colorado offered by State and Federal Agencies >

For specific questions about your property or neighborhood, please contact your local fire district:

North Routt Fire Protection District – Chief Mike Swinsick  970 879-6726

West Routt Fire protection District – Chief Trevor Guire  970 276-3511

Oak Creek Fire Protection District – Chief Brady Glauthier  970 761-8142

Yampa Fire Protection District – Chief Ky Cox  970 638-4227

Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue – Chief Chuck Cerasoli 970 879-7170

Forest health and wildfire

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Background information on forest health and wildfire.